Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is not just a beach-bum’s paradise

Many people are put off travelling to Tenerife purely because they regard it as a beach-bum’s paradise. If surfing and lounging around on the beach really isn’t your thing, don’t fear; there are...
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Teresitas Beach in Tenerife

Tenerife Island

The Canaries are a group of seven islands situated in the Atlantic ocean, above the tropic of Cancer, 1,500 kilometres south of the Spanish mainland. From ancient times these islands have been associated...
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Tenerife beach, Playa de Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos

Holidays in Tenerife

Have you discovered Tenerife yet? Many UK holidaymakers describe Tenerife as their dream holiday island. So, what is it about this island which makes it so popular with the UK holidaymakers?
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Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is located on the north coast of Tenerife and is the main tourist centre of the island.
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Playa De La Arena, Barcelo Varadero resort

Playa la Arena

Playa la Arena is today one of three separate resorts (Los Gigantes, Puerto Santiago and Playa la Arena) that have merged into one. Playa la Arena is the most modern of the three and has a beautiful long...
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Playa de las Americas, Tenerife Island, Canaries

Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is Tenerife’s busiest tourist playground, a purpose-built hedonistic haven for holidaymakers of all ages who come here for fun in the sun.
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Los Cristianos, Canary Island Tenerife, Spain

Los Cristianos

The popular resort of Los Cristianos lies in a sheltered bay in the south-west corner of the island of Tenerife, merging into the more glitzy purpose-built resort of Playa de las Americas.
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Golf del Sur, Tenerife

Golf del Sur

Situated on the south coast of Tenerife and very close to the Reina Sofia airport, Golf del Sur as its name suggests, is primarily a golfing resort. There are numerous world-class courses on offer, but...
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Tenerife rocky coast

Tenerife travel guide

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Spanish Canary Islands.  The island is an extremely popular tourist destination partly because of its year round high temperatures and sunny weather.  Tenerife has...
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The meats

Tenerife gastronomy: The meats

It is curious to see how an island surrounded by coastline and with a long fishing tradition has such a varied recipe book including so much quality meat. The fact is that this quality comes from the excellent...
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La Orotava

Footpaths in Tenerife

Tenerife is a landscape of contrasts and micro-climates; a volcanic island, with stunning beaches and coastal paths that run alongside mountain tracks, woodland paths and watercourses that cross the lush...
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Fresh fish

Tenerife gastronomy: Fresh fish

Just like other islands and coastal areas, Tenerife feeds itself from the sea. The waters that lap the coasts of Tenerife have enviable marine life, with a significant variety of species, which is characterized...
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Papas arrugadas

Tenerife gastronomy: Potatoes

The potato is to Canarian cuisine what Mount Teide is to Tenerife: its defining point. On the Island, you can find varieties such as the papa bonita, the papa azucena, the papa cara, papa King Edward (quinegua,...
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Fruit and vegetables

Tenerife gastronomy: Fruit and vegetables

The most characteristic fruit of the many that are harvested on Tenerife is, without a doubt, the banana. According to experts, the bananas grown on Tenerife are classified as some of the best in the world...
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Tenerife gastronomy: Gofio

Gofio is the food that is arguably the closest to the heart of the Canarian. This toasted and ground cereal is a direct inheritance from the Guanches, the ancient inhabitants of the Island. Although there...
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Tenerife gastronomy: Honey

The honey of Tenerife conceals the Island’s purest flavours. Many of the honeys that are made here are prepared with endemic flowers and others from the use of a great variety of flowers. This provides...
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Tenerife gastronomy: The wines

The characteristics of the volcanic soils and special climatic conditions have given rise to a variety of highly-recognised wines, which are difficult to reproduce anywhere else. But, what’s more, this...
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The Tapestries of La Orotava

The Tapestries of La Orotava

It’s difficult to imagine anything quite so beautiful. Tapestries of sand and flowers are made in several boroughs during the festivity of Corpus Christi, including Tacoronte, La Laguna and La Orotava....
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